Saturday, November 23, 2013

Things I want to watch tonight: 2013 Putnam County Girls' Basketball Tournament finals

Gonna see how this works. There isn't really a format on the site for this type of thing.

Here's what I'm hoping to see at the final night of the Putnam County Girls' Basketball Tournament:

From Greencastle: 10+ rebounds from Jess Lenihan. Whites combined for like 21 rebounds yesterday and they're gonna be aggressive again today. Want her more aggressive.
From Cloverdale: Attack attack attack. Both ends getting aggressive. Draw fouls like it's your job and anticipate some steals.
From North Putnam: More movement and ball reversals. No more standing around calling for the ball. Don't be a ball stopper. Get it and move it.
From South Putnam: Better passing out of the post. Forwards are good passers but they've been turning and shooting. It's not horrible. They're always open. But they'll also be open after a guard makes a rim-run, too.